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OK, I want it all. Reliability. Great service. Lots of choices. Competitive price. And people who know what they're doing and understand what I'm up against. Am I asking too much?

Not as far as we’re concerned.

HealthCare Media Technologies delivers the full package!

  • Competitive pricing on all major brands of healthcare TVs
  • Accessories and components selected for optimum compatibility across your systems
  • Experienced technical professionals who have installed thousands of TVs
  • Expert account managers who understand logistics
  • The industry’s only FREE Lifetime Installation Warranty.

All TV sets can be ceiling, wall or arm-mounted, and are compatible with nurse call units.
Plus the availability of pillow speakers and wireless controllers ensures a user-friendly and personal viewing experience for patients or residents in multi-bed rooms.

And yes, we understand your business. So you can think of us as a partner - not just a vendor.

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