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HealthCare Media Technologies has years of experience in providing entertainment and education systems to the health care industry.

Our customers have purchased and installed tens-of-thousands of healthcare televisions since the 1990's.

We are now one of the largest and most experienced distributors in the market, staffed by highly trained engineering, maintenance, service, and installation personnel, all focused on doing what is in your best interest.

We offer a full range of specialized services designed specifically to meet the needs of hospitals, rehabilitation centers, dialysis facilities and nursing homes, and we are especially sensitive to the unique considerations of installations at working facilities, with staff and patients already in place.

We've mastered the planning and coordination process between manufacturers, general contractors, specialists, and your engineering/facilities staff. Plus we are experts at quick-delivery logistics - strategically timing deliveries and installations - which means every installation is efficient and seamless, and virtually invisible to your patients or residents.

You'll appreciate our attention to detail, and the courtesy and professionalism with which we treat your staff and patients or residents. When the installation is finished, our crew will thoroughly clean up the worksite, leaving your facility spotless.

Finally, we offer the standardization you need, so all patient-TVs, accessories, and programming are uniform throughout each facility and across multiple locations.

You might think this level of hustle and service is extraordinary, but for us it’s just business as usual.

And it’s how we provide “Higher Resolution” for every customer.
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